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Over-all aerial drone photos of campus landmarks.  The campus water tower.

Meet the people that make CITRIS at UC Davis what it is - our faculty researchers.  With over 150 research faculty connected through CITRIS in over 30 departments, schools and centers, UC Davis has a broad network of experts changing the world with the help of CITRIS funding.

2022 CITRIS Seed Award Recipients

This past year, in competition for the 2022 CITRIS Seed Awards, teams from the University of California campuses at Berkeley, Davis, Davis Health, Merced and Santa Cruz submitted proposals that address various challenge areas within the information technology sector, including aviation, climate resilience, digital health and robotics.

Of those highly competetive proposals, eight were chosen for funding - six of which included researchers from UC Davis.  CITRIS at UC Davis is proud to have 11 Principal Investigators associated with these innovative projects.


Restoring speech communication with a multimodal decoder-synthesizer

Trust aware human-machine teaming using real-time neurophysiological data

  • Kosa Goucher-Lambert (Lead PI, UC Berkeley)
  • Zhaodan Kong (UC Davis)

Battery health degradation for electric off-road vehicles

Toolkit for the assessment of ecosystem resilience and functional diversity in fire-affected landscapes, using remote sensing data

Activity monitoring to improve caregiver connection and care for older adults living alone with Alzheimer’s disease

Joint UAV- and robot-optimized approach to quantify methane emissions and energy losses from landfills 

UC Davis_MAC_Finals_2016-2-20160506-AdrielOlmos

Principal Investigators (PIs) and Co-PIs at CITRIS UC Davis

A strong cohort of UC Davis and UC Davis Health lead and co-investigators have received SEED Funding awards over the past several award cycles.   A full list of researchers in a variety of departments and disciplines is listed below for funded awards since 2016.

Biologincal and Agriclultural Engineering

Feminist Research Institute

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