Tech For Social Good

Locally supporting student-led learning and technology development for more sustainable, connected, and equitable initiatives. 

Develop Tech. Host an Event.
Do Social Good.

To achieve its mission, the Tech for Social Good Program provides funding support to undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students, groups, teams or organizations developing hardware, software, events or programs that support healthy, sustainable, connected, and equitable livelihoods in the United States and abroad.

Tech Dev Track

Up to $5k for pilot projects that promote social good 

Projects that promote social good by supporting healthy, sustainable, prosperous, and equitable livelihoods within underserved communities and foster engagement with campus organizations and stakeholders are eligible to receive from $500 to $5k in funding.

Student-Led Events

Funding support of up to $1,000 for programming events

From $200 – $1,000 for UC Davis individual students, student organizations or student groups to develop events or programming that improve and support technological innovation in the following categories: Health, People & Robots, Connected Communities, Sustainable Infrastructure, Diversity and Inclusion in Tech.

Need More Reasons?



Add a prominent addition of work experience beyond regular internships to your resume.



Gain university and industry visibility as an innovator and entrepreneur.



Have fun while enacting change that addresses society’s most pressing problems.

TFSG in Numbers

  • Supported 100s of students in hands-on tech development projects in the interest of society.
  • Fund approximately 3-4 tech development projects per year.
  • Fund approximately 5 student-led events/programs per year, engaging 1000+ students.

Funded Projects - 2019


A platform for students to create opportunities to form meaningful communities and meetups and to find mentors based on common interests. 


A new mode of transportation based on pods moving at transonic speeds in a global network of vacuum tubes. The team competed in the annual SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition.


The goal of this project is to build a drone that can deliver one kilogram worth of medical equipment such as medicine and first aid to remote areas.


To change an existing stigma around throwing away recyclables. SmartCAN categorizes trash and recyclable items and sorts them into their respective container.

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