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CITRIS Undergraduate Sustainability Research Competition

Now accepting applications through November 22, 2013!

The CITRIS Sustainability Research Competition provides awards for undergraduate students to pursue information technology research projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gasses or adapting to climate change.


Research Awards of up to $10,000
for selected teams of Davis undergraduates!

Greenhouse gas pollution threatens to disrupt our climate, agriculture, and cities. This is an opportunity to address a major technological and social problem using information technology tools. Greenhouse gas reduction projects might involve energy efficiency, changes in power generation, or changes in land use. Climate adaptation might involve agriculture, water systems or urban infrastructure.

The 2012 CITRIS Sustainability Award Winners featured a Wave Energy Converter by Alex Beckerman, Kevin Quach, Nick Raymond, Tom Rumble, and Teresa Yeh. Device testing is completed at the UCD Bodega Bay Marine Lab.

Also earning a 2012 Award are Tracy Heidersbach, Naor Deleanu, and Benjamin Bigelow for developing an Urban Parking Feasibility Application that will reduce driving and search time for parking in highly populated urban areas.

2013 CITRIS Sustainability Award Application (PDF)

2013 Initiatives (PDF)

Please contact Nathan Metzler at npmetzler@ucdavis.edu for more info on the 2013-2014 compeition.